• Conclusion

    In this module you have acquired some basic knowledge about Palaeography and transcription. First, you were introduced to the concept of Palaeography and the medieval manuscript as an artefact which must be considered and studied beyond its textual content if we are to extract all the information it contains about its origin and provenance. Then, you had the chance to explore some guidelines to be followed when transcribing in our Transcription Tool. Finally, you made a journey through the evolution of scripts across the medieval period. You discovered the different stages the letterfoms we still use to this day went through between the 5th and the 15th centuries and how their shapes varied depending on whether they were used in books or in documents. Similarly, you have already gained some practice transcribing different types of text and scripts.

    In the forthcoming modules that form the advanced level of InScribe you will come across some of these topics and concepts again. There you will have the chance to explore in detail aspects such as document typology, binding styles, illumination schools, detailed geographic distribution of scripts and, of course, transcription, lots of transcription.

    In the meantime, click in the link below for a comprehensive list of bibliographic entries covering a broad spectrum of the topics mentined in this module.

Historical Evolution