• Workshop information

    • Concepts of Digital Humanities Workshop

      14 March 2023

      Christopher Ohge (Institute of English Studies / Digital Humanities Research Hub, School of Advanced Study) and Caio Mello (PhD candidate, Digital Humanities, School of Advanced Study)

      Concepts of Digital Humanities will provide a broad overview of the history and methods of digital humanities research. Participants will be given access to prepared lectures and resources, and the workshop will focus on problem solving with existing digital tools.


      Focusing mostly on text-based Digital Humanities methods, this workshop will cover three broad concepts: Computation; or Calculative Thinking; Historical Data; and Mixed Methods; or, Quantitative and Qualitative Research. The live session on the 14th of March consists of a discussion on the content of the pre-recorded material and hands-on group exercises. As this training is highly interactive, participants are expected to take action in groups and share their thoughts and experiences throughout the exercises. 


      It is advised that participants have a camera and microphone to interact with others. Chat will also be open.  


      Participants on this workshop are expected to review the asynchronous materials before the workshop. The live session, conducted over Zoom, will review the two main exercises (with a third, if we have time) and discuss the affordances of Digital Humanities Research.

      Feel free to reach out with questions: christopher.ohge@sas.ac.uk