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      The Modern Commonwealth will provide you with a greater awareness of the organisation and its 53-member states, including knowledge of the opportunities its networks offer, whether in a personal or professional capacity.

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      On the world stage, the Commonwealth represents some 2.4 billion people living in both advanced economies and developing countries, and in many cases providing strength to some of the smallest states of the world. It is presently made up of 53-member states.

      Throughout that time, the Commonwealth has been in a constant process of evolution and reconfiguration. From its focus on racial justice and development in the 1970s-1990s to its modern emphasis on support for democracy and good governance, the Commonwealth has faced many internal and external challenges but has always proven useful as a vehicle for addressing crises and long term issues around capacity building and change.

      This course will lead you through the history, membership, structure, and purpose of the Commonwealth from its foundation in 1949 to the present day. Designed by Dr Sue Onslow, an authority on the Commonwealth, the course comprises three interactive modules that you can compete at your own pace:

      (a)    Origins and Significance

      (b)    What is the Commonwealth?

      (c)     The Commonwealth and its member states


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