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About a PORT for Modern Languages

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A Slide Show from the IMLR training event in 2015 by Mura Ghosh.

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Professor Michael Witt, University of Roehampton, Saturday 24th February 2018

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When you start looking for a source that is not available in your College or University library, you have several other options. You can look for it

The majority of these institutions have an online catalogue, which means you do not need to phone, email or go there. However, before choosing the institution that you think is the most likely to have your source remember that many countries (including the United Kingdom and France) have META-OPACs, that is, online catalogues which collect all the OPACs of a certain area. COPAC, for example, collect major British OPACs; CCFR collects French major online catalogues. And there are even META-OPACs which allow you to do online bibliographical searches of different national OPACs at once. This facility gives you the greatest overview of what is available on a trans-national level. We therefore suggest you should start by having a look at the META-OPACs relevant to Czech Studies, included in our

Although META-OPACs permit you to scan a massive amount of books (authors, titles, and subjects), this information will not include any articles. So, if you are looking for secondary literature, especially articles and chapters in books, the best way of resourcing these materials is to consult the

MLA International Bibliography which will be available on CD-ROM or in print at your University Library. The MLA International Bibliography provides a listing and subject index for books and articles published in modern languages, literatures, folklore, and linguistics. It indexes over 50000 books and articles each year.

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The following videos offer guidance to postgraduate students or students who are about to begin a postgraduate degree in Modern Languages.

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The final part of completing a PhD is the viva. These videos offer advice on what a viva is, how you might wish to approach your viva, and what you will likely get out of the experience.

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In the following videos we offer advice for postgraduates who have now completed their degree or are about to complete, who are now looking to apply for academic jobs.